Aurora Paper Shredder AU2030XA – Technology Meets Affordability

Aurora paper shredder – Aurora AU2030

aurora paper shredder au2030xa

aurora paper shredder au2030xa

Paper shredder is one of many security tools available for your, to protect your identity, your clients information and your company documents form identity theft. And, among many paper shredder manufacturers out there, aurora proves to be the top. Aurora had produced many paper shredder models that prove to be quite reliable among users, especially office users.

While, choosing the best paper shredder for your use, can be quite exhausting process, as there are many factors to be considered. One of many features that you should consider is the amount of paper shredded per pass.

Amount of paper per pass means how many pieces of paper you can feed to your paper shredder into the feeding hole. Different paper shredder model offer different amount. Most paper shredder that price RM1000 and above have can feed up to 20 pieces of paper per pass. It’s huge considering if that model can give you cross cut shredding method.

Out of many paper shredders available in the market, which model that shred paper the most in single pass?

The answer is Aurora Paper Shredder JamFree AU2030XA. This particular paper shredder will shred up to 20 sheets of paper per pass and can run for 60 minutes continuously without stopping

What Makes it a Great Product?.

Aurora have been making paper shredder for a long time. And because of that, they have been making quality, reliable yet at affordable paper shredder. Most of their high end shredders have several features that stand out above the rest. These feature either for increasing feeding capacity or for safety have been Aurora’s signature for producing excellent paper shredder model. Making aurora paper shredder the go to brand for purchasing paper shredder.

Aurora paper shredder AU2030XA is no exception. This particular model can shred paper like its chewing gum at 20 sheets of paper per pas. This is suitable for you, who wants to save of a lot of time shredding paper at the office. This won’t take you long to shred paper using this model , if you have a lot of paper to shred.

What’s more is this aurora paper shredder model equipped with 7 gallons of pullout wastebasket. Instead of having on top shredder, its pullout will make sure your having a good time emptying this paper shredder without much mess. If you shredding paper fewer than 100 sheets per day, then 7 gallons will last you about a week.

One particular feature that really caught my eye is the continuous shredding operation. This Aurora AU2030 can run for 60 minutes without stopping. So, you can shred more paper during that time, but the down side is the cool down is almost the same, about 50 minutes per operation.

Like most top paper shredder, this model can shred not only paper but credit cards, staples and small paper clips. On more things your should bear in mind is that, this shredder only shred one credits cards per pass. Do not try to shred 2 credit cards; this will damage the rotating blades.

Aurora Paper Shredder AU2030XA Features

These features this paper shredder model should guide on what comes with this paper shredder. These features are as follows :

  • 20 sheet crosscut.
  • 7 gallon pullout basket.
  • Allows continuous shredding for 60 minutes on and 50 off.
  • Shreds credit cards one at a time, staples and small paper clips comes complete with castors
  • Advanced JamFree technology eliminates paper jams
  • Touch Guard advanced safety feature shredder stops immediately when the Touch Guard sensor is touched
  • Energy saving system auto power off. Auto restart feature shredder resumes automatically by simply inserting paper without powering up.
  • Auto start/stop/overload/overheat protection. LED indicator lights Power/ Overheat/
  • Overload/ Misaligned status. Ultra quiet operation

Pro and Contra                                                                 


One of the best features in my opinion is the continuous run time up to 60 minutes. This will allow you to shred paper for 60 minutes without having to wait for it to cool down. Because this shredder model need to cool down for 50 minutes. Just, imagine how many paper you can shred in that 60 minutes. A lot, I would say. If you can shred 20 sheets of paper per pass, that means in 60 minutes you can shred up to 100 sheets of paper. This is a convenience if you need to shred a lot of paper.

What’s more, in this paper shredder, you get Advance JamFree technology builds in into it. This Advance JamFree technology will prevent is jam caused by paper. This is hassle-free feature that save you a lot of time.


An excellent paper shredder often comes with one or two downsides. For this model, it’s the cool down time that almost the same as the running time. 50 minutes is a lot of time if you got other things to do in your office.

Another thing worth mentioning is the size and weight of this shredder. Its weight 8kg and with its not very compact design, it is tall as your desk. It not very movable like the lower-end paper shredder.


Time saving – this paper shredder as I mention earlier, can run up to 60 minutes, this will allow you to shred paper within the time limit.

Energy saving technologyAurora Paper Shredder AU2030XA  resumes automatically if you put paper into the feeding hole, without powering it up. This without a doubt will save energy on your side.

No Mess – Advance JamFree Technology will keep you from any hassle as you don’t need to worry about paper jam. This paper shredder will automatically eliminate jammed paper from the feeding blade.

Safer – Touch Guard Technology prevents any injury if by mistake your children or pets put their hands or finger into the feeding hole.

How to Maintain It?

Like any other paper shredder. There are couple of things you should take note, in order to maintain this paper shredder for its peak performance.

You should never use paper shredder after it reached running time. If you push the time limit, the heat generated from continuous shredding will damage your paper shredder.

Don’t forget to oil this paper shredder, but be warned not to use WD-40 oil. Shredder that oiled regularly will maintain it running blade from damaged


With its cutting edge technology, coupled with high-end performance. This Aurora paper shredder AU2030XA paper shredder is not cheap. Starting at RM1800 and above, this paper shredder suitable only for office use. Since its best feature is 20 sheets of paper. This paper shredder can be use by more than 5 persons . If you are looking for more secure shredding tool, and use it in office .Than this Aurora AU2030XA is the shredder to go.


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