Fellowes 100% Jam Proof Heavy Duty Shredder, 79Ci 16 Sheet Cross Cut

Fellowes 100% Jam Proof Heavy Duty Shredder, 79Ci 16 Sheet Cross Cut

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

One of the most important item in your office is a good paper shredder, It better when you got an advance paper shredder like Fellowes cross cut shredder.

If you in need to get rid some of confidential documents, nothing as convenient as having a paper shredder to do the job. Fellowes cross cut shredder is one of its kind, as it can destroy 16-sheet of paper at a time. Plus,the size is compact so you can put it anywhere in your office or home.

This Fellowes cross cut shredder is an amazing energy saving office tool, that provide efficient and optimal energy usage, while its SafeSense Technology can automatically pause the machine whenever you touch it to open.

What makes this item stands out form the rest of its competitor is, its operated by touch screen with backlit LEDs and its sleek-black and silver body design makes it user friendly for any office and home usage.

Why do I think this is an amazing product?

This Fellowes cross cut shredder is popular among business owner, because of its great features. Some of the coolest features are:


1.Advance jam protection system

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is the ideal cross cut paper shredder that makes your tough shredding task, a smooth touch. This powerful paper shredder can shred up to 16 sheets of paper along heavy duty items such as staples, credit cards, paper clips , CDs or DVDs.

What more impressive about this paper shredder is, it is come with 100 % Jam Proof System, meaning that you can an interrupted  a 20 minute shredding time. This cross cut shredder  increases their efficiency and resist jamming so you can enjoy doing tough jobs shredding without any interruptions. Jam Proof System works on three different levels.

(a) Resisting overfeeding

(b) powering through any paper inconsistencies

(c) Providing instan feedback if you are exceeding the paper capacity

2.No more loud noise

Im certainly positive that most business owner, who want a paper shredder will be happy with this feature, this device allow you to cut through documents silently and eliminate extra shredder noises. This way, you can enjoy a silent moment while shredding sheets of paper.

3.More protection with SafeSense Technology

What SafeSense Technology does is, to automatically stops all operation with the use of safe sensor to provide safety of this product. You can disable the shredder automatically when you try to open the device during operation. While , their Energy Saving System gives you optimal energy efficiency to provide a quite and clear performance.

4.Ease to use LED Touch Screen.

No more button to push, with LED Touch Screen, you can enjoy a smooth and more intuitive experiences with this Fellowes cross cut shredder, which comes with an innovative touch screen with backlit LED lights that will help you quickly adjust and monitor setting. This Fellowes cross cut shredder have a powerful motor and comes in black/silver body making it sleek and impressive design suits for any business setting.


  • You can remove any confidential documents easily with this device, a crosscut device that shred up to 16 sheets including staples, paper clips, CDs and other material
  • It is a very durable paper shredder as it made up of high quality materials
  • It can generate quick result while shredding heavy amount of documents


  • It is not able to shred thick sheets of papers
  • You have to shred paper slowly if you want to shred thick papers, thus reducing the efficiency
  • It is not advisable to shred all papers at a time
  • Overfeeding can damage the blade inside

You can shred any type of materials, up to 20 minutes without any interruptions, overheating or jamming. You may experience loud noise while shredding hard material like CDs but it is quiter compared to other competitor in the market.

With its hard core motor, Safesense Technology , sleek design and LED light makes it a great purchase. Overall, the Fellowes Powershredder 79Ci is an excellent unit, working exactly as advertised.


Benefits that makes it the best product

Some of the unique presence makes it a great product

  • Their ability to shred up to 16 sheets along with heavy duty products such as CDs, staples, paper clips and more
  • It comes with 100 percent jam prevention technology
  • It is a silent performer compared to other shredders in the market
  • With safesense technology, it turns out to be an out and out safety product

How to maintain it?

Several things I should point out about this product

  • You can lose warranty due to negligence
  • Clean fellowes cross cut shredder from time to time.
  • If using the shredder after fifteen minutes, cool it off for about 30 minutes


Fellowes Cross Cut Powershred 79Ci  really stands out compared to other competitor in its class, mostly due to their exceptional safety features and lower noise operation mode.Besides it has enough power to shred a variety of media and the jam proof system I talked about, makes it ideal for small office or home users who has moderate shredding requirement.




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