Frequently Ask Questions About Paper Shredder

1.There are many type of paper shredder in the market. How do I choose one?

Like other office appliances, paper shredder or any type of shredder are categories based on size, price and number of user. Three main types are:

  • Mini shredder – smaller in size and cheaper in price and often use by not more than 2 person.
  • Office shredder- bigger in size and much more expensive, usually use by more than 10 person. But there are 2 more type ,that is departmental shredder and large and TAA compliant shredders that can be use by more than 20 persons.

2.Which brand should I choose right now?

As of right now, there are many brands you can choose from. such as HSM, Aurora and Timmy. But Aurora brand are the one that used by many users and offices. Aurora do have lots of good and high rated qualities and functions but also can be used  for a few years without fixing anything.

3.What else I can shreds besides paper?

Most model that introduced recently can shred irregular paper, clips or staples. But there are also paper shredder model nowadays that can shred credit cards, CDs, DVDs.

I would advice to always refer to user manual, to identify of which item you can and can’t shred.

4.Is there any paper shredder model that offer reasonable price but with good security?

In most cases, if you want to protect your document or your USB from being stolen by theft, Then you should spend a reasonable amount of money on good shredder. One brand I would recommend is Silicon. This brand offer better security than most but at more expensive price.

5.Is there anything I can do if my shredder won’t start?.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Make sure the machine is plugged
  • Check if the shredder is turn on or in Auto position.
  • Make sure the shredder head is lined up and placed properly
  • Make sure the bin is properly inserted and the door bin must be fully closed.


6.My shredder stops unexpectedly. What should I do?

(a) Make sure the power to shredder is not interrupted

(b) Is the shredder is set ON or Auto?.

(c) If an illuminated symbol appears, then there must be something wrong with your shredder. You should look up to your user manual for directions on what to do.

(d) common problem might be cause by paper exceeded shredder capacity ,the shredder door is open, waste bin is open or full, jam paper or your shredder already reached max run time and needs to be cooled.

7.Is there anything I can do to avoid paper jam?

(a) This is important; DO NOT exceeded the sheet capacity of the shredder.

(b) Always make sure to empty the waste bin regularly.

(c) DO NOT attempt in any way to clear the jam paper with your hand or any metal object into the paper entry

8.How do I clear a jam paper shredder?

(a) Insert a filling folder or any rigid paper directly into the centre of the feed entry while applying force to push the jammed paper.

(b) Unplugged the device, and use a pliers or tweezers to remove the blockages.

(c) Remove the block paper using the reverse function to back up and remove the jam paper. This way the shredder will back up and loosen the jammed paper.

(d) Remember NOT TO use the reverse function while shredding credit cards or CDs

9.What to do to avoid shredder overheats.

Overheating may be cause by prolong use of the shredder. If this occurs, simply allow the shredder to cool. There are some shredder model out there that have thermometer symbol indicating the temperature. And the light will go off if the shredder has cooled.

10.How often do I need to empty the waste bin?

(a) This depends on your model and the size of your shredder.

(b) Empty your shredder when the shredded waste past the middle of the viewing window.

( c) Some model ,have different waste compartment for CDs or Credit Card.

11.How can I improve shredding performance?

Paper shredder performs best when used as the manual instructed. Always follow the product manual and follow the proper way to operate the device.

12.The paper doesn’t pull down the paper. What to do?

(a) Make sure the shredder is set to ‘Auto/On’ mode and not Reverse Mode.

(b) Make sure the shredder is not blocked or jammed by paper.

(c) The gears, the one that drives the cutting blades may be stripped or worn out. Please refer to your manual.

13.Do some shredder model require any special maintenances?

There are paper shredder model, mostly Large Office Shredders and TAA Compliant Shredder are best serviced every 6-12 months period by certified engineer.

14.What kind of maintenances a paper shredder requires?

This depends on the model .As always, please refer to your user manual for local service information.

15.How often should I lubricate and clean the shredder.

I would recommend lubricating one a month.

16.How do I lubricate the paper shredder?

Just put some oil on a piece of paper, and feed those papers through the machine.

17.How to clean the shredder?

Before you do anything to clean your paper shredder. PLEASE UNPLUG THE SHREDDER first.

(a) To clean the shredder using dry soft cloth or towel.

(b) Do not use any flammable liquid. This can cause serious damage to the devices.

(c) Don’t be stupid to clean the shredder by immersing it directly into water.

18.When I turn on the devices. The shredder run in Reverse mode instead of Auto/On mode. What do I do?

If this happen, then the devices is jam with paper.

19.Is there any shredder below RM200 that I can buy?

Yes, you can, there are many model that priced under RM200 that offer basic functionality.

20.My paper shredder constantly runs in Auto/On mode. What should I do?

(a) If this happen, then the activation sensor is blocked with dust ,debris or oil.

(b) Use a piece of paper or rigid sheet to clear any jammed paper, or clear any dust, debris or oil on the sensor.