GBC Paper Shredder : 60X Cross Cut Shredder

Gbc paper shredder GBC® AUTO+60X Cross Cut Shredder

GBC is one of many paper shredder manufacturer out there that produce high quality of paper shredder that used by many.

GBC product come with environment -friendly packaging so you don’t need to use any knife to open the box.


What makes this gbc paper shredder great?

  1. P-3 security level for general documents.

A little introduction to shredder security level before you buy any of paper shredder. Paper shredder or any shredder out there, use s standard classification of P2 to P7 designation. This P2 to P7 designation is used to determine the security of the paper being shred through the blades.

So, before you make any purchase on paper shredder, make sure you understand the level of security you need. The smallest cut size falls under level P7 and the largest is P2.

Strip cut shredders, or P2 shredders are the most productive but they are also the least secure.  Levels P3 and P4 are the most common for businesses or home use. P6 and P7 shredders are required for government agencies disposing of top secret documents but a P7 shredder is needed for the most demanding top secret document destruction.

This GBC paper shredder falls under P3, which is suitable for home and office use.

Low noise production.

Standard large office paper shredders generate noise in the range of an everyday conversation.   Smaller under desk shredders can be as quiet as 50 decibels (dB) which is the sound rain makes when falling on a driveway and well below the danger level of 85 dB.  85 decibels is the limit the human ear can tolerate for any longer than 8 hours without internal ear damage occurring.

GBC paper shredder, despite of its size, produce low noise which is why this product is suitable to use for home and office.

Large wastebasket capacity.

With 15 litres of wastebasket capacity, which is considerably quite large, you don’t need check too often, if the basket is full or not.

Shred paper of all gsm,credit cards,staples,and small paper clips.

GBC® AUTO+60X Cross Cut Shredder ,as the name indicate can shred elements such as CDs, DVDs, credit cards , staples, and small amount of paper clips . However, the throat for shredding CDs and others is different than the main slot. This gbc paper shredder also shred cardboards, cereal boxes, or even newspapers.


Awesome Features

  • 4 x 45 mm Confetti Cut, P-3 security level for general documents
  • Automatic feed for minimal human intervention
  • Shreds up to 60 sheets from the auto-feed chamber and up to 5 sheets through the manual feed slot
  • Easy to empty 15 litre pull out bin with viewing window
  • Shreds credit cards
  • Shred Capacity (70 gsm): 65
  • Shred Capacity (80 gsm): 60 (5 bypass)
  • Cut Type: Cross Cut
  • New Security Level: P-3
  • Shred Size – mm: 4 x 45
  • Shred Speed -m/min: 1.5
  • Working width (mm): 220
  • Bin Capacity (Litres): 15

Pro And Cons


  1. P-3 level of security, can turn any paper into confetti.
  2. Have both manual and automatic feeding throat. Shreds up to 60 sheets from the auto-feed chamber and up to 5 sheets through the manual feed slot


  1. Wastebasket could be larger in capacity
  2. It requires longer cool down time than usual.
  3. The paper shred in the basket needs to be frequently pressed as the sensor does not allow the shredder to work detecting it full now and then.


This shredder releases you from the three big problems which shredders generally have. It has P-3 level security that ensure whatever type of paper you’re shredding will be turned into confetti. It is energy efficient, durable and fine appearance making it a perfect buy for homes, offices and small businesses.



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