HSM Securio Paper Shredder – Best Entry Level Paper Shredder

HSM Securio Paper Shredder – Best Entry Level Paper Shredder


HSM is an American company that started way back to 1944, and since then HSM continue to grow with over 2500 workers with multiple lines of products. With more than a decade of experience manufacturing quality and reliable offices tools. Out of many their products one of them is paper shredder.

They had produce many paper shredder model over the years, but only one that really caught consumer attention. And that is HSM Paper shredder Securio C18.

Compare to previous paper shredder I had review here, HSM Securio C18CC paper shredder is compact, functional and convenient entry level paper shredder. This is a P2 security level with strip-cut shredding method.

What Make This Paper Shredder a Great Product.

What makes this product a great paper shredder? Well, it’s smaller in size, sleek and secure entry-level model compare to other brand. With the dimension of  366mmx 258mmx 542mm size, it will fit almost anywhere in your home or office.

HSM Securio Paper Shredder cutting blades is made from hardened steel and features a safety pressure sensitive element. Making it the best paper shredder for your desk.

Having high quality material made from Germany increase its quality for safety and durability even if you are rough users.

One features worth mentioning is, this paper shredder even with its compact design , produce a low noise while shredding .Unlike other higher-end model that produce lots of noise while shredding. This quite operation will not disturb you in any way ,especially while you are working in office.

This hassle free paper shredder while only having P2 security level, will prevent any paper jam. HSM Securio C18 paper shredder, will automatically feed paper into the feeding hole. Thus reducing the chances of paper being jam into the shredder.


Features in any paper shredder model should give you some guidance on what will you get if you buy particular paper shredder. Some of HSM Securio C18 features are:-

  • Small, sleek and secure the entry-level model of the C-series.
  • With cutting rollers made from hardened steel and a pressure-sensitive safety element. The perfect document shredder for the desk.
  • High quality materials and “Made in Germany” quality for safety and durability.
  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel with lifetime warranty.
  • Quiet operation minimises noise development in the workplace.
  • Zero power consumption in standby mode.
  • Automatic paper feed with overload protection reduces paper jams.
  • The device automatically switches off if pressure is applied to the safety element.
  • Practical automatic start/stop.
  • Level indicator through inspection window.



  • Quite operation – quite shredding operation means no more annoying noise to disturb you while shredding. This is important because, most paper shredder have high noise level that can cause disturbance to your other colleagues.
  • P2 level security– Entry level paper shredder such as this HSM Securio C18 having P2 security level is very good .This is enough to prevent any identity theft from stealing your company secret.
  • Energy saver – If you are worried with how much power this paper shredder consume, well you don’t need to. This Securio C18 paper shredder only use 360W, that is relatively low compare to others. Not only you can save power, but you also can shredding paper in peace of mind knowing you can save money too.
  • Level indicator through inspection window – long gone the days when you need to take off the shredder main part away from the wastebasket. This paper shredder has a pullout wastebasket. So, cleaning never been easier for you.

How To Maintain It?

Same as other paper shredder model, the ways to maintain this model is almost the same. Only use the designated oil for paper shredder, because, if you are using other type of oil, this potentially damage you cutting blade.

This paper shredder has limited feeding capacity. Pushing the limit will only damage the cutting blade. Fortunately for you, this shredder have automatic feeding features to prevent overload feeding into the feeding hole.

Pro and Con.

No security tools is perfect. No exception to this one. This HSM Securio paper shredder is an entry-level shredder with one or two downsides.


  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel with lifetime warranty. This to ensure that this paper shredder can take many type of paper to shred.
  • Quiet operation minimises noise development in the workplace.Low noise production is what makes HSM Securio C18 great. This allow you to shred without having to worry the noise that might disturb your colleague.
  • Level indicator through inspection window.HSM Securio C18 have an indicator to alert the user if the bin is already full.


  • Low security level – P2 level security with strips cut shredding method is not enough to protect your document. With this level of security, you may only want to shred basic documents. But if you want shred sensitive documents, then I would suggest a P4 or higher security level
  • Only strips cut – This paper shredder only offer strip cut. This is not very secure I would say. The output is only 3.9mm wide.
  • Heavier – This paper shredder is compact but don’t get fooled. Even if it is compact, this paper shredder is heavier than most high end paper shredder.


HSM Securio C18 paper shredder is no more than entry level shredder with strip cut with P2 level security. If you are looking for budget paper shredder, this one is the one to go.

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