Which Olympia Shredder Is The Best For Your Money?

Two of the best Olympia Shredder Under RM250

What you should look in Olympia shredder?

Olympia brand is one of many brand out there that produce quality paper shredder.And 2 of their most popular paper shredder are Olympia Paper Shredder PS30 NII and Olympia PS40CC Automatic Crosscut Shredder.These two Olympia shredder may price under RM300 but they are worth every ringgit spent.

But,how you decide which of these two models suitable for your money and your needs?

Basically there are 6 things you should look before you make your decision.

1.Cutting style

For  Olympia Paper Shredder PS30 NII

This little machine offers strip-cut style,which is good enough for protecting your document and with 4 sheets of paper.

While,Olympia shredder PS40CC is using cross-cut style that can cut up to 5 sheets of paper at once.

There are several general rules to follow so that your Olympia shredder can perform at the best:

(a)  Do not shred paper for a long period of time

(b) Any paper that with glue or adhesive can damage to motor and blade.

(c) Always use this machine accordingly to prevent any damage to the device.

2.What This Olympia shredder can shred?

Both of these paper shredder can shred special materials like CDs,credit crads,staples and small paper clips.For Olympia shredder PS40CC,it comes with special slot for shredding CDs that have different type of blade.

A credit cards slot comes in the center of the control panel,this is to help you to know where to feed them for shredding.

As for staples and small paper clips, Olympia shredder PS40CC cuts through as smooth as paper with this amazing device. Both Olympia shredder can shred cardboards,cereal boxes,glassine boxes,junk mails paper and newspapers.

3.Shredding unit

You will find the equipment both Olympia Shredder can be unassembled, but it is not tough to assemble back. You need to mount the detached head securely on the wastebasket and plug the cord back on the right side into the power source to start the machine.

4.Shredding capacity and speed

Both Olympia Paper Shredder PS30 NII and Olympia PS40CC Automatic Crosscut Shredder have different shredding capacity and speed.Olympia Shredder PS30 NII only shred 4 sheets of paper at a time while Olympia Shredder PS40CC can cut through up to 5 sheets of paper once

And as for speed.Both Olympia Shredder can cut elements at reasonable speed.Oympia paper shredder can cut on 6m/min duty cycle.Both can run continuously for 5 minutes before you need to cool them off for 30 mint.

It comes with amazing shredding capacity of 12 sheets of 20lb bond paper at a single pass. As for the speed, it cuts elements in feet per minute and thus it is reasonably fast. AmazonBasic model operates on a 5/30 duty cycle. You can run it for continuous 5 minutes and then you need to cool it off for 30 minutes.

5.Easy to control

Comes with three different settings mainly auto, off and reverse. With auto settings, the machine power on their own and comes in a standby mode. The off position turns off all the operations, and the reverse functions help to remove the paper jam. It has four LED warning lights from right to left to signal


Auto mode

Misaligned mode




Pros & Cons


(a) Olympia Shredder PS40CC have special slots for CDs and credit cards to shred

(b) Both can shred staples and small paper clips

(c) Both have safety features are having multiple layers making it childproof and pet safe

(d) Olympia Paper Shredder PS30 NII can shred 4 sheets at a time and Olympia PS40CC Automatic Crosscut Shredder Can shred up to 5 sheets

(e) Both devices are compact thus saves space

(f) Both have number of warning lights and indicators to troubleshoot status


(a) Both don’t have convenient see-through window to check basket fullness

(b) Both devices can be loud when it shreds

(c) The misaligned warning sign triggers often

What makes both Olympia Shredder a great product?

Both product has a robust performance and shred materials for a long time without any overheating and jamming.And it comes to overheating,you only need to shut it off for 30 minutes.Also,both paper shredder have a hard-core motor and sturdy with compact design.However both can be loud when start operating and the warning signs of misalignment shoots off frequently,but still these both paper shredder are still best among users.

People who are using it satisfactorily say it has a robust performance and shred for a long time without overheating and jamming. When it overheats, it needs to be shut off for 30 minutes. The users say they have a hard-core motor and sturdy shredder with a compact design. The greatest satisfaction comes when people see that it works as advertised and keeps on trucking. However, it is a bit noisy, and the warning signs of misalignment shoots off frequently are some of their common cons. Still they are the best among its users.

Benefits that makes these Olympia shredder the best product?

Some of the coolest features that makes these shredder a great product is both shredder can shred through up to 4 sheets for Olympia Paper Shredder PS30 NII and Olympia PS40CC Automatic Crosscut Shredder up to 5 sheets of paper.

Besides that,these shredder can shred hard material such as CDs,credit card,staples or paper clips

Some of the coolest features that make AmazonBasic one of the best in the market are –

However, it has a detachable shredding heads and their wastebasket, but the built-in safety lock protects it blades from any harm.

How will you maintain it?

You will find the instruction manual that states clearly that due to your negligence you can lose their facility in warranty period. You need to take care of it properly to make it run for long time. The most basic thing is to lubricate the shredding parts with vegetable oil or cooking oil every month. Cleaning is an important part, if you like to maintain your shredder, for more tips you can consult the manual.


Both products can shred and dispose CDs,credit cards,and any confidential documents at ease.The ability to shred staples and small paper clips,with added helpful indicators all helps to smooth operation of both devices.


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